Jeep models take on the elements

The Jeep lineup has stood for the possibilities that can be found off the paved road for generations. With such a long a rich history, the engineers crafted several concept models to take on the Moab and other tough areas of terrain to prove the overall strength of the brand. Now while most concept cars are futuristic, we took a different approach to stress the strength of the older models.

From the Chief to the Overlander, which is a modified Jeep Grand Cherokee, each one of these models has received great attention to detail, both in capability and overall style. Each concept has modifications that are within one specific style to stress the overall utility and quality possible in the name. New elements may be seen before you in the video that end up in next year’s model lineup.

Come in to Rick Hendrick Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram and take the any member of the award-winning lineup out for a test drive around the streets of North Charleston, NC.

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