Chrysler Epitomizes the American Dream

This Sunday marks the 50th Super Bowl in NFL history; as we gear up for the highly anticipated game, we're curious to find out what you're most looking forward to in this year's matchup. Whether you're a fan of the Broncos, rooting for the Panthers, or you're just looking for a good excuse to slip into a food coma, we all look forward to the Super Bowl for different reasons.

One thing we're certainly excited for? The commercials.

Chrysler's Super Bowl advertisements, for instance, are notoriously rich in the "American dream." While we're keen on surprises, Chrysler never disappoints. It leverages the right message, celebrity, stunning visuals and a glimpse into hardship to evoke an emotion and get you thinking twice.

Even though we know what theme to expect, we still can't help but get chills.

Let's take a look at the critically acclaimed ad featuring Detroit rapper Eminem.

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